Internships in law school: how to do an internship abroad with the Leonardo program?

In a previous article , I talked about the Erasmus program to study abroad, but do you know the Leonardo program ?

Now integrated into the Erasmus + program, this is another program set up by the European Union, aimed at implementing a vocational training policy in Europe. Specifically, it allows students to go on an internship in a foreign company, for a maximum of one year, while receiving financial aid in the form of scholarship .

The conditions of access are quite flexible since you must have European nationality, hold a minimum diploma of bac +2 and wish to do an internship lasting from 13 weeks to 12 months. That leaves you a little margin!

Regarding financial aid, any student benefiting from this program is entitled to a return trip to the host country (reimbursed at the economic rate), a scholarship of € 90 per week (ie a monthly fee of € 305) and taking in charge of a language training of 250 € (take the opportunity to learn a new language!).

It is therefore an opportunity to do an internship abroad , which offers an incredible human experience and shows both a certain maturity and a form of courage, which is useful both for admission to a Selective curriculum only to impress a recruiter .

And you are not immune that the company in which you will be internship has an antenna in France and offers an interesting post when you return to France …